Internship Program in Mental Health Education

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Are you looking for an opportunity to train and gain experience in Mental Health Education? Then a Mental Health Education internship is a great opportunity for you. In a Mental Health Education internship, you’ll strive to improve the mental health of not just an individual, but an entire community. The Department of Mental Health Education, […]

Mind Matters

Why Mind Matters So Much?

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“Of all the body parts we train, none is more important than the mind. …Your mind matters. A lot… Manoj Chandran, CEO of White Swan Foundation,not-for-profit organization that offers knowledge services in the area of mental health talks to us as to why mind matters so much. Click on the video to learn more

Campus Tidbits

Depression linked to diabetes: Doctors

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Numerous studies have shown that people with diabetes are at greater risk of suffering from depression. However, while a lot has been written and shared about diabetes, the treatment of depression continues to be cloaked in misinformation and secrecy. This is especially true in India where often depression is seen as a weakness.


Examination Stress Prevention

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Each one of us has loved to hate studies, and still managed to get through. We have always envied the so called “scholars” of our class, who could score twice the marks with half the study. But as is true with every game, there are certain rules to study well without getting stressed. Certain methods, […]