Dr Aruna Rose Mary Kapanee

About the Blogger: Dr. Aruna Rose Mary Kapanee is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at NIMHANS, Bengaluru. She has keen interest in the areas of public mental health, creative and expressive arts in psychotherapy, cultural psychology, and peace and conflict resolution. This fortnightly blog titled ‘Mental Health Musings’ will be a canvas for her thoughts and reflections on mental health in a potpourri of forms.

Blogs by the Author:


Hi, thought I will just clarify that my posts as mentioned in the introduction to my blog are in a ...
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Believe in thyself

Self-belief is an essential ingredient of good mental health. Since suffering is an integral part of life and there will ...
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What does it mean to be mentally healthy?

If you ask yourself the question whether you are mentally healthy or not. You may not be able to answer ...
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A Client’s Plea

Suffering seems such a common word Stifling a sob, he says to me Shattered dreams, I summon to you With ...
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A Conversation

Body: You know what, I am superior to you! Look at all the attention that people pay to me. Mind: ...
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