ನಾನು ತಂಬಾಕು ಬಿಟ್ಟಿದ್ದೇನೆ: I Quit Tobacco

Tobacco use in children and adolescents is reaching pandemic levels. Tobacco use is started and established primarily during adolescence.Nearly 9 out of 10 cigarette smokers first try smoking by age 18, and 99% first try smoking by age 26.The tobacco companies are now aggressively targeting their advertising strategies in the developing countries like India. Adolescents often get attracted to tobacco products because of such propaganda. There has been a rapid increase in trade and use of smokeless tobacco products in recent years in the country, which is a matter of serious concern to the health planners. It is important to understand various factors that influence and encourage young teenagers to start smoking or to use other tobacco products. The age at first use of tobacco has been reduced considerably……….. The Department of Mental Health Education, NIMHANS has brought out a brief video in kannada called ” I Quit Tobacco” targeting the youth who are most vulnerable and with simple preventive strategies , they can quit using tobacco​

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