A Conversation

Body: You know what, I am superior to you! Look at all the attention that people pay to me.

Mind: What do you mean? Hey, just because people are so bothered about their looks and physical fitness, does not mean that you are superior to me!

Body: I don’t mean just looks and fitness. See, if anything goes wrong with me then they straightaway try to get help or treatment. They hardly care about you, when anything goes wrong with you.

Mind: Yes, that’s true! I wonder why, even though if something is wrong with me it will have an impact on you too. And not just you, but it could also impact how a person behaves, works and interacts with people.

Body: I suppose they do not know that. Not just that, they even shy away from telling others that they have a mental health problem!

Mind: People are odd, aren’t they?! What is the big deal about having a mental health problem? Do they think having a mental health problem is a sign of weirdness or weakness?

Body: Well, I suppose they do. They feel having a mental health problem is a stigma.

Mind: Hmm. The idea of considering it a stigma, is weird in itself! Don’t they realize that the body and mind, work in tandem and are interconnected? How can a mental health problem be stigmatizing and a physical health problem not?

Body: I guess they do not understand that we are interconnected and it is as essential to pay attention to you as it is to me!

Mind: Well, let’s hope they see the light.

Body: Touché

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