Aims and Scope

This multidisciplinary journal focuses publishing high quality, peer-reviewed papers in the area of mental, neurological and neurosurgical health and promotion, book reviews and brief articles. The Journal highlights issues in educating, training and developing a skilled, healthy and committed mental health workforce. The Journal of Mental Health Education is keen to receive original papers on mental health education and mental health promotion, methodology, training, research, policy development, and practice – particularly from a national and international perspective.

It considers for publication original research articles in the following subjects:

  • Mental health education
  • Barriers to successful mental health promotion
  • Measures to combat stigma
  • Mental Health Literacy
  • Mental health education in different settings
  • E -mental health education
  • User perspectives
  • Addressing stigma and discrimination
  • Community perspectives and learning strategies
  • Advocacy and policy making
  • Training
  • Quality of Life
  • Information Education and Communication[IEC] Promotion
  • Mental Health Education and Mass media
  • Effectiveness of Audio visual literacy in mental health education and promotion
  • Evidence based research in mental health education
  • Narrative accounts of innovative programmes or evidence in practice of new methods of working

The journal invites submission of original research papers in the above-mentioned subjects, brief reports, case discussions, debates, commentaries and controversies, narrative and systematic reviews, essays, letters to editor and correspondence, book reviews

Potential readership for this journal includes mental health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, mental health nurses), health educators, public, public health professionals, people from the media, non-government organizations, administrators and policymakers working in the field of mental health education.