Alumni of the Department

Fellowship Students, 2019-20

Ms. Madhuporna Dasgupta

“I have developed skills to create educative yet engaging content for mental health awareness through different platforms.”

Ms. Pravitha M R

“FMHE helps you to learn about addressing the stigma around mental health.”

Fellowship Students, 2018-19

Ms. Jigyasa Tandon

“The basic approach of this course is of the knowledge and communicating to the public to bridge the widened gap between mental health"

Ms. Yukti Ballani

Fellowship Students, 2017-18

Ms. Suvarna Agarwal

“This has been the beautiful turn in my life which not only taught me to be professional but also understand the human mind works."

Dr. Manik Inder Singh

"Hands-on experience and unconventional method of teaching by the stalwarts of their respective fields is something I’ll always cherish."

Mr. Xavier B

“Fellowship helped me personally by prioritizing my mental health and well-being especially during the difficult times like pandemic.”

Dr. Sharmitha Krishnamurthy