World Suicide Prevention Day 2018 (10th September 2018)

For the event of World Suicide Prevention Day 2018, the fellows of the  Department, under the guidance of Dr. K. S. Meena (Associate Professor,  Department of Mental Health Education, NIMHANS), initiated a campaign on  Suicide Prevention, titled ‘Be a Buddy for Suicide Prevention’, in which they communicated in different ways how to be more aware … Read more

World No Tobacco Day- 31st May 2021

Theme: Commit to Quit 1. Social Media Campaign- Own Your Power  The Department of Mental Health Education, began a Campaign on social media called “Own  Your Power-I am the champion of my story”. The campaign called forward the champions who had successfully committed to Quit to share their stories with Us. Their stories were inspiration … Read more

Webinar on “Coping with Psychological Challenges of COVID-19 Pandemic”

The Faculty and Fellowship students of the Department of Mental Health  Education, NIMHANS, Bengaluru were invited by D. A. Pandu Memorial R. V.  Dental College, Bengaluru to be resource people for a webinar on “Coping with  Psychological Challenges of COVID-19 Pandemic” on June 5th 2021. The Webinar was attended by more than 250 dental students … Read more

World Head Injury Awareness Day 2021

Every year, world head injury awareness day is celebrated on 20th March with an aim to raise and spread awareness about traumatic brain injuries and its implications, focusing on how to keep our heads safe by following the right head safety practices. In the light of the same,  Department of Neurosurgery along with Department of Psychiatric Social Work and Department of Mental Health Education organized a “World Head Injury Awareness Day” event in the  NIMHANS Convention Centre, inviting esteemed guests to address the audience regarding the causes, consequences and safety precautions of head injuries. The Theme of the event was  “Social Responsibility in Preventing Head Injury: Being Responsible Citizens” 

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Stories against Stigma- A Walking Tour of NIMHANS

The Department of Mental Health Education, National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru, conducted the first ‘Stories against  Stigma: Walking tour of NIMHANS’ for the public on January 18, 2020. The objective was to remove the stigma associated with mental health institutions, and the pre-conception of images of mental health institutions as … Read more

Wellness of Women

Bringing women’s well-being to the center stage. The Workshop for Wellness of Women, focused on the problem of not being able to take time out for ourselves even though we need it. The workshop invested in maximizing your well-being and giving importance to #metime from the hectic schedule and bringing along women going through the … Read more

Slam Poetry

Slam Poetry held at the Department of Mental Health Education was an invigorating and thought breaking session, bringing out the inner poet in each ones of us on varied topics related to mental health. We saw letters joining together to spin a tapestry of words helping in bridging an effective community campaign for suicide prevention … Read more

Workshop Series: First Aid for Mental Health Problems

Mental Health First Aid teaches how to identify, approach and further refer individuals going through mental health issues and crises. The Department of Mental Health Education has an ongoing workshop series on First Aid for Mental Health problems, wherein the concept of First Aid for Mental Health problems is introduced within the context of everyday … Read more

World No Tobacco Day 2021

Every year, May 31 is celebrated as World No Tobacco Day and awareness is raised on the harmful effects of tobacco use and the importance to quit tobacco for a better life. With this year’s theme being  “ Commit to Quit”, the Department of Mental Health Education is running a month long social media campaign … Read more