To Carers of Persons Living with Dementia

Dementia is treated with care The carer is often a person who has known, loved and grown with the person diagnosed with dementia. While co-dependence is a part of any relationship, here, as the disease progresses, the dependence can get overwhelming. This blog is for you, the carer- to remind you that it’s okay to

Men and Mental Health

“Boys don’t cry”, “Man Up, Be strong” is all that Aakash heard while growing up. With good intentions near and dear ones enforced a belief in him that showing one’s emotions is a sign of weakness. I am sure we all have heard these phrases being said rampantly to our young boys. In the society


Diabetes and myocardial infarction (a.k.a heart attack), have for long pestered humanity. The prevalence is magnanimous and the implications, insurmountable. People are well aware of the consequences of ignoring these demons, yet the awareness is enough to boost encouragement. Another entity though, major depressive disorder a.k.a depression, with implications of similar magnitude, is rarely pondered


“Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?” As a child, I never found it odd that a magic mirror, mounted on a wall, could tell the ultimate truth to the Evil Queen about the most beautiful person in their land. My younger self almost felt bad for the enslaved mirror

Depression – Let’s talk!

World Health Day in 2017 was themed “Depression – Let’s talk!”. Why was there a need to have an exclusive theme for this? Topics of Mental Health remains a taboo in our society and it’s high time we break the stigma associated with it. I was reading some tweets and watching some videos on depression


Hi, thought I will just clarify that my posts as mentioned in the introduction to my blog are in a potpourri of forms. They may or may not have a linear timeline connection with each other and I may go back after a gap of time to expand on an issue or topic I wrote

Believe in thyself

Self-belief is an essential ingredient of good mental health. Since suffering is an integral part of life and there will always be battles that each one of us has to wage within ourselves and outside of ourselves. It is self-belief that helps us remain continually motivated to fight these battles, while we lose some and

What does it mean to be mentally healthy?

If you ask yourself the question whether you are mentally healthy or not. You may not be able to answer in a categorical yes or no. Why is that so? Simply put, it is because mental health lies in a continuum, with mental illness and good mental health being on opposite sides and each of

A Client’s Plea

Suffering seems such a common word Stifling a sob, he says to me Shattered dreams, I summon to you With trepidation, he sighs to me… I have beheld the trenches of fate Mired in pain, scarce seen Hurtling through life, in a tapestry of dread Unbridled, unsung, unseen. But though I falter I seek to

A Conversation

Body: You know what, I am superior to you! Look at all the attention that people pay to me. Mind: What do you mean? Hey, just because people are so bothered about their looks and physical fitness, does not mean that you are superior to me! Body: I don’t mean just looks and fitness. See,