Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs in Bengaluru, India

Abstract Background: Non-medical prescription drug use is an ongoing problem in India, however, there is paucity of literature on patterns of use in the population. Objective: The present study explored patterns of non-medical use of prescription medicines in in Bangalore, an urban metropolis in South India (N=717). Methods: Participants were recruited using a mall-intercept approach,

Burn Out Among Health Workers: Just Evaluations Or Measures Also?

Background Burnout is a psychological term that refers to long-term exhaustion and reduced interest in work. Burnout is not a recognized disorder in the DSM [1] although it is recognized in the ICD-10[2] and specified as a “State of vital exhaustion” (Z73.0) under “Problems related to life-management difficulty” (Z73), but not considered a “disorder”. The term burnout