Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs in Bengaluru, India

Abstract Background: Non-medical prescription drug use is an ongoing problem in India, however, there is paucity of literature on patterns of use in the population. Objective: The present study explored patterns of non-medical use of prescription medicines in in Bangalore, an urban metropolis in South India (N=717). Methods: Participants were recruited using a mall-intercept approach, … Read more

Help seeking behaviours among survivors of intimate partner violence in India

ABSTRACT: Background: Studies on the subjective experiences of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) among Indian women are far and few and there are hardly any studies exploring the help seeking behaviours among these women. Objectives: The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the experiences of violence among female survivors of IPV who had moved … Read more

Life skills education program among high school children: An intervention study

ABSTRACT Background: In the present study an attempt was made to study the efficacy of life skills education program among high school children, who were referred for academic backwardness. Methodology: objectives of the present study were to assess the needs of referred children, impart the appropriate life skills and test the efficacy of the intervention. … Read more

Burn Out Among Health Workers: Just Evaluations Or Measures Also?

Background Burnout is a psychological term that refers to long-term exhaustion and reduced interest in work. Burnout is not a recognized disorder in the DSM [1] although it is recognized in the ICD-10[2] and specified as a “State of vital exhaustion” (Z73.0) under “Problems related to life-management difficulty” (Z73), but not considered a “disorder”. The term burnout … Read more