Understanding Alzheimer’s: Myths and Facts

Myth: Memory loss is a natural part of aging. Fact: As people age, it’s normal to have occasional memory problems, such as forgetting the name of a person you’ve recently met. However, Alzheimer’s is more than occasional memory loss. It’s a disease that causes brain cells to malfunction and ultimately die. When this happens, an

Suicide: Myths and Facts

Myth: Those who talk about attempting suicide are less likely to act. Fact: People who threaten to take their lives are more prone to attempt it than those who do not. Hence do not take these as empty threats and challenge them. Myth: Those who have attempted once learn from their mistakes and are less

Myths and Misconceptions Regarding Mental Health

Myths and misconceptions regarding mental health are prevalent across the all cultures, castes and communities. The most common myths seen across are: Is mental illness a “real” disease? Yes! Mental illness is no different than cancer or diabetes. It has both genetic and biological causes and can be treated. How do I help a friend,