COVID 19 Posters

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The respective brochure portrays the common symptoms and severe symptoms of COVID-19.

There are six significant protective measures introduced by WHO to prevent contracting coronavirus. The poster explains the protective measures in detail.

This situation of lockdown is more stressful for the migrant workers than the other residents as they live far away from their family. Here, certain tips are explained by the experts regarding how the migrants can take care of their mental health.

Police personnel, while providing safety and security to the public in this period of lockdown may have to go through many issues. The tips given in the poster will help them to overcome the mental stress caused by these issues.

The respective poster explains the social stigma associated with COVID-19 and measures to be taken to address the stigma.

The outbreak of COVID-19 and its consequences can make children anxious and stressed. Some simple strategies to take care of their mental health is explained in this poster.

The respective poster explains some tips which the elders can adopt to take care of their mental health while dealing with the mental stress caused by COVID-19 and the associated preventive measures adopted by the nation.