Mental Health Warrior Campaign

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, some of us are able to cope and adapt well to the difficult circumstances, but not all of us are able to do so. We do feel panicky, tensed and agitated due to the uncertainties leading to a mental health crisis.
To combat this, The Department of Mental Health Education, NIMHANS has started an online campaign, called ‘Being a Mental Health Warrior’ during COVID-19 pandemic with an aim to deliver positive mental health message. We post brief videos or pictures of people holding a placard telling us how they are managing their mental health or bringing a positive change by taking steps to destigmatise attitude of communities towards those affected by Covid-19. You too can be a part of this CAMPAIGN and bring about a change in people’s lives. Do send us your brief video of 30 seconds or your picture holding a placard with a mental health tip. Send us your videos and pictures to and get figured on our Facebook page!!

Mental Health Warrior 1: Ms. Smitha Dixit:
Mental Health Warrior No.1 Ms. Smitha Dixit, Former Radio Jockey, talks about setting small yet simple goals to help stay calm and focused during these unsure times.

Mental Health Warrior 2: Ms. Arundhati Kishore:
Ms. Arundhati Kishore, a class 10th student from Bangalore tells how her photography skills help her to beat the quarantine blues.

Mental Health Warrior 3: Dr. Shantala Hedge
Dr. Shantala Hegde, Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology and Faculty in Charge of Music Cognition Lab, NIMHANS explains being a trained hindustani singer herself, how music is a beneficial medium for instilling positive thoughts and peace of mind.

Mental Health Warrior 4: Ms. Mannat
Ms. Mannat from 6th Standard, a representative of the Black blanket NGO, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh explains the virtue of resilience during this unprecedented time which will definitely help us come out of this difficult time successfully.

Mental Health Warrior 5: Ms. Tanvee Jitendra
Ms. Tanvee Jitendra, an avid reader, dancer and singer, the mastermind of the YouTube channel, Ankh introducing a special technique to make her quarantine days fun by engaging in one thing she loves.

Mental Health Warrior 6: Mr. BV Shurnga
B V Shrunga, an actor and a theatre artist who was awarded the prestigious Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Award (META) talks about the important do’s and dont’s during this critical time of COVID-19 pandemic to keep your anxiety at bay.

Mental Health Warrior 7: Prof. Raghu Raghavan
Prof.Raghu Raghavan, Professor of Mental Health and Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at De Montford University, Leicester, UK and also the Director of Mary Seacole Research Centre and co-directs the Leicester Centre for Mental Health Research talks about spending time with the family and also practicing meditation and exercise to keep the mind healthy.

Mental Health Warrior 8: Mrs. Archana Udupa
Mrs. Archana Udupa, a singer, composer, and television personality tells us how music, exercise, and recreational activities can help us stay mentally healthy as it’s doing for her.

Mental Health Warriors 9: Aditya Bhargav and Abhinav Bhargav
Aditi Bhargav and Abhinav Bhargav, 8 yr old twins, going to fourth grade this academic year, developed new interests and following it with great enthusiasm during this lockdown. Some of them you can see in the video.

Mental Health Warrior 10: Ms. Prerna Tandon
Ms. Prerna Tandon, 3rd-year law student from the Indraprastha University, She tells us how her keen interest in art and keeping a gratitude journal helps her vent out her emotions in a positive way during this lockdown.

Mental Health Warrior 11: Dr. Erminia Colucci
These unprecedented times have led to increased suicide rates due to contracting the illness and even due to fear of contracting COVID-19. Dr Erminia Colucci, Associate Professor in Visual and Cultural Psychology, in Middlesex University, London, share some tips with us to build resilience in this crisis.

Mental Health Warriors 12: Sanjeev and Akshay
Sanjeev and Akshay, who are from Prani, The Pet Sanctuary on the outskirts of Bangalore, tell us how good relationship with animals keep mental stress away during these difficult times in this video.

Mental Health Warrior 13: Ms. Suhani
Ms. Suhani from 5th grade studying in Orchids The International School, Jalahalli, a vivid reader, dancer and music enthusiast share her experience of how she overcame the COVID-19 lockdown challenge through 3 easy yet interesting ways which we all can adopt.

Mental Health Warrior 14: Dr. Indrani Lahiri
Dr. Indrani Lahiri, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications, De Monfort University, UK, tells us COVID-19 pandemic and its consequent lockdown could have serious implications on the mental health of children, who have been staying at home. She explains how she manages her child’s queries about death which could result from the disease in the video.

Mental Health Warrior 15: Mr. Haseer Vp
Mr. Haseer VP, a Marketing Officer for Study World Higher Education Holdings – Dubai, tells us how he engaged his family at home during lockdown period in the respective video.

Mental Health Warrior 16: Ms. Shirin
Ms. Shirin, a freelance content writer and a student from Jadavpur University, shares her secret of staying away from the negative thoughts during this lockdown period and spending time productively.

Mental Health Warrior 17: Dr. Mallikarjuna
Dr. Mallikarjuna, Yoga Therapist, Founder and President of Sri Krishnam Yoga, tells us that how yoga and relaxation techniques play a vital role in maintaining inner peace within ourselves during time of unrest.

Mental Health Warrior 18: Arnav
Arnav from Bethany Pre-Nursery School, Bangalore, tells us how he utilizes his time in doing fun things staying at home. Arnav also tells us that although it might be stressful for him to stay at home, he knows that this is for his own good and for the society in this video.

Mental Health Warrior 19: Mr. Sunil Raoh
Mr. Sunil Raoh, versatile Kannada actor and singer tells us that this is the best time to revisit an old hobby or develop a new one which not only to just kills the boredom, it is also an excellent way to shun away the negative thoughts as our minds fill with positive ones.

Mental Health Warrior 20: Ms. Chinue Susan Abraham
Chinue Susan Abraham, from 10th std studying in Christ ICSE school explains how cooking, baking and crocheting helped her to reduce this distress out of lockdown.

Mental Health Warrior 21: Archie
This video shows Archie, an Australian Shepherd, all the way from Princeton, New Jersey became a Mental Health Warrior like the humans out there through a creative way.

Mental Health Warrior no. 22- Ms. Nanditha Raghavan

Mental health Warrior no. 23- Mrs. Vardhini Dixit

Mental Health Warrior no.24- Mayurika Kashyap

Mental Health Warrior no. 25- Ms. Rachna Kuma

Mental Health Warrior no. 26- Dr. Smita Bammidi

Mental Health Warrior no. 27 Manu Joseph Abraham

Mental Health Warrior no. 28- Ms.Surabhi Kaushik

Mental Health Warrior no. 29- Tilak R

Mental Health Warrior no. 30- Mr. Mohan and Ms. Shweta Mohan