Depression – Let’s talk!

World Health Day in 2017 was themed “Depression – Let’s talk!”. Why was there a need to have an exclusive theme for this? Topics of Mental Health remains a taboo in our society and it’s high time we break the stigma associated with it.

I was reading some tweets and watching some videos on depression too. “She’s depressed” is a common statement which we hear from many people around us. How many times have we heard or said “I’m depressed!”? Probably a few times. Some don’t even want to admit they are depressed. Why is this? Do we feel insecure to talk about our depression? Do we feel people would stereotype us?

It is sad to read a news that India is one of the top depressed countries in the world with an average of 36% falling a prey to depression at some point in life. This was reported by the World Health Organization. We also hear that Women are likely to be affected more by depression than men. Many may debate it’s a “typical female hormone” causing this. We know that PMS, PMDD are due to hormonal changes but still hesitate to talk about it.

Yes, it’s true that one can always feel blessed and try to think positively. But beyond that there are still many of us struggling within ourselves. At least women speak out; men are different. They feel they would be branded weak if they let out their depression. How many of us ask for help?

We approach an electrician to get our lights fixed. We approach a mechanic to get our brakes working. We approach a mason to fix our walls. We are concerned about all the non-living things around us because we want to live in convenience. We approach a General physician for any ailments we have. We approach a dentist for even sensitivity of the tooth. We approach a skin clinic and talk about the pimples, hair transplantation for hours which are just cosmetic. Why are we hesitant to approach a counselor or mental health professional to talk about our mental health?

Mental well being is directly related to physical well being. The moment you hide your depression and push it inside you, you are prone to all kinds of sicknesses. Sickness may range from stomach ache, ulcers, chest pain, tiredness, weight gain, weight loss, sleeplessness, diabetes, back pain, constipation and much more. We would start excusing ourselves that we are sick always but will never know that our constant sickness of the body is due to the sickness of the mind.

We are just human beings and cannot be perfect. Some of us have the capability of staying positive, learning self-improvement techniques and self-heal ourselves. However the rest of us who need professional help should not hesitate to seek help. You can talk to a friend and feel good too. Talk out, be open, vent out your feelings. Choose your trusted partner and share your thoughts. When you realize it’s not going in the right direction, do seek professional help immediately. Don’t be scared or worried about getting stereotyped. As is the ailment of the body, so is the ailment of the mind. Get treated and share your success story with your friends and relatives. It would definitely motivate people around you. I can proudly say that I was also a victim of depression and rebuilt my life. I am definitely not embarrassed to tell this. The positive life that I am leading today is definitely because of opening up, seeking medical help and transforming myself with self-improvement techniques. I would always remember the hard times and the lessons I learnt. Life is not cruel as you imagine if you are open.

Listen to your mind when it cries for help! Let’s talk 🙂

Contact for Help: NIMHANS Center for Well Being:

080-26685948 / 9480829670

Blogger Name: Subha Thangaraj

Subha Thangaraj, author of the book named “Listen to the Music Around” is a blogger by passion who believes that “life is the best teacher”. Her blogs are related to positivity and anti depression that are inspired from real life experiences. She focuses on “how to see the light at the end of the tunnel”. She is also volunteering to anti depression forums and support groups online.