Internship Program in Mental Health Education

Are you looking for an opportunity to train and gain experience in Mental Health Education? Then a Mental Health Education internship is a great opportunity for you. In a Mental Health Education internship, you’ll strive to improve the mental health of not just an individual, but an entire community.

The Department of Mental Health Education, NIMHANS supports internship opportunities for qualified graduate and postgraduate students to gain meaningful experience in mental health settings. The internship program offers students a unique experience to receive firsthand experience in mental health promotion and mental health education. The objectives of the internship program is to strengthen the academic and professional development of the students by creating a highly qualified, diverse workforce, to provide leadership in the area of mental health services and better mental health outcomes for all. The students will participate in various settings like mental health research, outreach activities, special clinics, hospital settings, community mental health promotion activities and development of audio visual aids. Students will receive mentorship by specialised faculty during their tenure under the following:

  • Preparing mental health education resources like:
  • Brochures/Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Videos
  • Flipcharts
  • Learning how to provide mental health education
  • Provide basic mental health information and services
  • Disseminating mental health education information
  • Mental health education at community level

Duration: One week to Ten days. Please note duration can be flexible

Eligibility Criteria: Qualified graduate or post graduate trainees. Students in a group of 2-4 can also apply.

Cost: Will be discussed with staff of Academic section.

How to Apply:

Students who wish to pursue their internship programs at the Department of Mental Health Education need to:
1. A brief CV with photograph highlighting major work done in the area of mental health
2. Objective for applying for the internship program
Mail the following to


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