Characterized by unprovoked and recurrent seizures, epilepsy is a spectrum of chronic neurological disorders varying in the range of severity, seizure-type and causes. The epileptic seizures range right from nearly undetectable episodes to long periods of vigorous shaking of the body that can sometime lead to broken bones.

The causes of epilepsy could vary from a brain injury, brain tumor, stroke, congenital defects of the brain to sometimes being undetectable but the source of epilepsy is definitely the human brain, where sometimes abnormal nerve-cell activities occur, leading to epileptic seizures.

As much as 5 crore people in the world suffer from epilepsy, out of which 1 crore reside in India. Besides the poor health infrastructure causing lack of treatment for epileptic patients, these people also have to fight the stigma attached to this disorder due to lack of awareness in the society.

The following brochures give information on First Aid in cases of Epilepsy, Taking care of children with Epilepsy and Role different individuals as partners in care in epilepsy management. You can download the images Clicking Right on your mouse and choosing ‘Save Image as’.

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