Examination Stress Prevention

Each one of us has loved to hate studies, and still managed to get through. We have always envied the so called “scholars” of our class, who could score twice the marks with half the study. But as is true with every game, there are certain rules to study well without getting stressed. Certain methods, ways and techniques to study better and also practice relaxation. When one plays the game of study with these rules, it becomes beautifully simplified and extremely easy. And that’s what you, as a mother, need to teach your child. There are many challenging situations that one comes across and to tackle them effectively can be quite daunting but nevertheless, we will try to provide solutions to challenging situations that are mostly experienced by mothers and children.

With the increase in suicides and depression among students, the crippling effect of academic stress is now making waves in the life of students. While bags are getting heavier and the syllabi slightly tougher the maximum amount of pressure is felt right before exams or at the time of approaching of exam results. This results in major lifestyle changes such as smoking, disturbed sleep, taking medication and increased intake of caffeine.

Hence it is time that we sit down with our children and tell them that it’s not really as tough as it seems. Enjoying academics is not unattainable; it’s just a bit challenging. We easily say life is a game so in that case why should studies be any different, it is a game too and just like every other game there are certain rules to study. There are certain ways and techniques to study better. Only when one plays the game of studies according to the rules and techniques does studying become beautifully simplified and extremely easy and to our astonishment we find ourselves being one the ‘envied scholars’. Not every one of us is a born book worm or one who enjoys studying but it is something that can be inculcated in a child if the right approach is taught to him or simply the right technique. Learning should be made fun and we’re going to elucidate some ways of how exactly that can be done.

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By Dr. Bhavna Barmi Child and Clinical Psychologist (Escorts Heart Institute) swashrit@gmail.com

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