Hi, thought I will just clarify that my posts as mentioned in the introduction to my blog are in a potpourri of forms. They may or may not have a linear timeline connection with each other and I may go back after a gap of time to expand on an issue or topic I wrote earlier on. But since all of the posts are my ways of reflecting on life, living and mental health, I hope you could bear with the apparent disconnect in flow!

An issue that is inextricably linked with mental health is how we understand our existence and the meaning that we derive from our lives. Often we live our lives in perpetual haze and unasked questions remain till the end.

When do we realize the preciousness of life…the preciousness of each moment?
Is it when we stand at death’s door and look at the vacant moments gone by?
Each one surmises life in a different way.
For one it’s the search for glory,
For another it’s the flight from pain,
And yet another may take joy in the mundane.
Whatsoever may be each man’s search
Each man looks back at his life
And measures whether it befitted his search.

  • Aruna Rose Mary Kapanee

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