Training program on Immediate Care for Psychological Events and Emergencies

The symptoms of one having mental health problems can be difficult to detect — even when friends and family of someone who appears to be developing a mental health problem can tell that something is amiss, but they may not know how to intervene or direct the person to proper treatment – which means that all too often, those in need of mental health services do not get them until it is too late. As a society, we largely remain ignorant about the signs and symptoms of mental illnesses, also there is also a lack of confidence in what to do if someone is distressed or in a crisis situation.
The first training program on “First Aid for Mental Health Problems” was successfully completed on 16.4.2016 at the Department of Mental Health Education, NIMHANS. Participants who undertook the two hour program learnt concrete tools that they can use to help distressed individuals get appropriate treatment and support. Hope this training program will change the dynamics by equipping laypeople with the knowledge they need to help individuals with mental health issues.​

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